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SizeGenetics Extender: All You Need To Know About It

What is SizeGenetics?

First of all, SizeGenetics was among the first penis extenders that were approved by Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The principle behind it is the same that is applicable to building muscle on the arm, legs, and other parts of the body. But this time, the muscle building is on the penis.

It is a penis extender device that is used in stretching the penis with the help of a progressive mechanical traction that works to increase the length of the penis over a period of time. You are expected to gain between 1 to 3 inches in length between 6 to 12 months when followed judiciously.

Penis extenders have gained popularity more than penis pumps because of the results that can be gotten with them which are long-lasting. But extenders will not give a temporary increase in size like pumps do. So, advanced users can pair both SizeGenetics and pumps to enjoy both of two worlds.

SizeGenetics is also very effective for the treatment of bent or curved penis, and micro-penis syndrome.

What to expect with SizeGenetics

It is recommended that you start by wearing it for 3 to 5 hours on a daily basis for at least 6 months. This will help you get result faster.

You can also take a break from using it for 1 or 2 days, especially if you are starting out new and experiencing soar. You will get used to it by the third week of use. And, you are to adjust the elongation bars according to the size of your penis when placid. You should feel the tension there but not such that is uncomfortable as a result of it being too tight.

With practice, you will be able to get the tension that is just perfect for you. Do not stop using it because of discomfort especially in the early days of starting out with the device. This will ensure that you get good results in no time.

How to use SizeGenetics

SizeGenetics comes with a DVD kit that contains a simple instruction to help you out with using the device. Here are the simple steps involved in using it:

  • Fit the penis on the base ring of the device
  • Put the elongated bars
  • Insert your penis head in the headpiece
  • Pull the bands on the comfort straps
  • Adjust it to fit

It is advised that when using SizeGenetics, that you start gradually with 1 hour a day. When you feel you can wear it up to the recommended number of time, you can then increase it.

The device can be worn underneath clothes that are loose. That means that it can be worn at work or at home. Some people use it at night while sleeping. But in this case, you have to set alarm to make sure you remove it after the recommended number of time has elapsed.

What is contained in the package?

SizeGenetics come in various packages that you can choose from. Here are the 3 different packages available:

  1. Value Edition Package

This is for those on a tight budget. The issue with this package is that its straps, elongation bars, and comfort pad could become quite uncomfortable after a long use. But, you can always purchase extra parts later on.

It contains – instructional DVD, strap, stretcher, elongation bars, and default comfort pad.

  1. Ultimate or Advanced Comfort System

This package is more comfortable when used long term. It is also very convenient to use.

It contains:

Multi-head piece – this includes parts that stabilize the penis head and reduce friction too.

Traction plus powder – this helps to create traction between the penis and the stretcher so that you are comfortable amidst stronger pressure.

Aftercare moisturizer – this is important for regeneration purposes.

  1. Ultimate System Extras

This package contains one exercise DVD and 3M comfort plasters.

Side effects of SizeGenetics

No side effects have been reported from the users of this device. As long as you abide by the instructions laid down by the manufacturer, you will be safe using this product.

Pros of using SizeGenetics

  • Medically certified
  • Proven in clinical trials
  • Cures curved penis
  • Hides easily under loose clothing
  • Made of high-quality material

Cons of using SizeGenetics

  • Takes some days to feel comfortable
  • No immediate results only long-term results


SizeGenetics has been around for about 20 years, which shows its effectiveness. The company even offers 6 months money back guarantee if you can show before and after use pictures before demanding a refund.

The product is quite effective and comes highly recommended. You can also check out these other effective products –Bathmate, Phallosan Forte, Penimaster PRO and Penomet.



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